A Quality History

Family owned and operated, Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding has roots in the field of aerospace technology. Grinding and machining military standard components for such legendary companies and Grumman, Lockheed and others. In 1956 the company was purchased by family patriarch, James Cosenza. Ever a pioneer, Mr. Cosenza along with his son Rick Cosenza, recognized in the 80s an emerging opportunity to service the medical and surgical community, which demanded the caliber of quality and precision that his cutter grinding shop could provide. The direction of the company was changed, and in time, Huron became known as an outstanding manufacturer of high-performance surgical cutting tools.

The new business direction that was boldly adopted was launched with the help of a small provider of medical tools and surgical instrumentation located in the South. Since those early days, that same company has now expanded into a multibillion dollar producer, and Huron remains one of its most trusted and respected manufacturers. In fact, Huron still has business ties to nearly all of those early customers, itself continuing to grow in lockstep with the success it has helped them achieve.

Today, Huron is highly sought after as a leader in the field. The company has grown in size, has grown in sales and has grown in capability. Yet, because of its commitment to specialization, it remains on the technological vanguard of orthopedic and arthroscopic instruments, ensuring its products literally reflect the cutting edge in surgical tools.