Engineering a First-Class Team

Not surprisingly, Huron founder and president, James Cosenza is still quite active in the day-to-day operations of the company. Son and vice president, Rick Cosenza heads up engineering, particularly lending his immeasurable expertise to comparative product development and testing. A third generation of the family holds various other key positions in the company. They comprise a tight knit group of dedicated specialists who all share the same singular vision: providing hospitals with surgical tools of uncompromising precision and quality.

To meet this challenge year after year, Huron employs only the most skillful experts in the field. Machinists, turners, tool and die makers – each highly gifted and uniquely talented. This is a highly focused and specialized operation, requiring a level of knowledge and expertise akin to artisan work. The engineering and production teams possess in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the latest in the manufacturing sciences: Robotic CNC Equipment, sophisticated CAD/CAM and CAD/KEY technology, SolidWorks Software, and more. The Huron team is the elite of the elite, which is why the company earns and deserves its reputation of producing, quite simply, the best.