Cannulated Drills, Taps and Reamers

Cannulated Drills

Huron is a recognized leader in the manufacture of cannulated drills, producing a wide variety of high-quality solid and cannulated drills with sizes ranging from 1.0mm to 30mm in diameter. The equipment used is state-of-the-art, and Huron technicians are highly skilled masters in their craft.


The Huron engineering team utilizes product simulation software that enables it to conduct reviews of the most challenging thread forms before high production commences. Huron manufactures solid or cannulated bone taps in a wide range of diameters with lengths reaching up to 16 inches.


Huron produces its highly sought after orthopedic reamers completely on robotic CNC machines to ensure tolerance accuracy and part-to-part repeatability. This approach assures optimal performance in the hands of the surgeon. Huron produces reamers at any desired quantity, offering a broad variety of configurations and applications, and is able to deliver sizes ranging from 2.0mm through 24mm diameters – in either solid or cannulated materials.